Untapping the opportunities for women

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It was 2011 when Ms. Vaishali Shah and Ms. Jyotika Bhatia, were doing an internship for a project to build skills for rescued victims of human trafficking. Being closely associated with the rescued victims, they understood the thick and thin of their lives. After realizing the fact that, despite being skillful, not only rescued victims but many other disadvantaged women don’t get opportunities to earn and to live a dignified life; they are determined to unbox the opportunities for many such women across India. Though this phase was challenging for them, their passion for working for a good change, made them driven all the way along.

From there, the journey of Srujna begins!

Imagine a world where each woman will get opportunities to discover their potential of being financially independent! The world will surely be a happy and healthy place. Often, we assume women are only good at making homes. This thought process is very much predominant in the lower section of our society. As a result, women are becoming more vulnerable and financially dependent; which has further laid them to live a disrespectful and undignified life. Many women in the slum areas of India sacrifice their dreams of being financially independent because of the lack of opportunities.

At Srujna we believe that women need to be gainfully employed and need flexible models of working. We envision an India, “Where every woman and every girl, who wants to earn, gets the opportunities to do so.” We identify the skill sets of the women, train them and give them opportunities to earn and to carry out the legacy of making more women earn.

Kalpana Saroj, CEO of Kamani tubes, once started her journey, from the slum community of Mumbai. With her dedication and passion, she is able to break all the barriers. When she left her home with the ambition to become an entrepreneur, she never knew that she was going to be a Padmshree Awardee! We want to convey to the world, “If a woman can become Mother Teresa, to serve the world; then a woman can also become Kalpana Saroj Kamani to share the financial responsibility!” We provide such opportunities to woman in need to make their dreams true with the same passion and dedication to making women financially stable. In this delightful

It has been nine years now, Srujna is working on a challenging journey, and has been able to impact 6000+ women across India. Many disadvantaged women are able to make their dreams true of becoming social entrepreneur. Many thanks to each one of you who believe in our efforts and believe in the potentiality of women! Cheers to womanhood!

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