for sustainable impact through empowerment

The Problem

On one hand huge efforts to educate and empower girls, more and more women are being held back – suppressed, unable to pursue fulfilling opportunities, and saddled by the burden of trying to juggle home, children and work.
Women from low-income groups, who lack the relevant skills, education and voice to carve out their own identity.
These women are being denied opportunities to work, learn and grow in life – their human potential stifled, along with the potential growth of local communities, enterprises and economies.
25% of India’s workforce is female
3/4Indian women are not working outside the home.

The Solution

Srujna partners with an existing livelihood unit in the community wherein a group of women comes to make and sell handmade products. It mobilizes the necessary infrastructure and raw materials resources to develop the unit.

In the next phase, once the women begin earning, Srujna identifies a potential female Changemaker, which Srujna calls Super didi from the group. It provides coaching to the Super didi, builds her capacities to run the livelihood unit, and inspires other women to work.

In the last phase, the Super didi forms women’s groups, self-help groups, and women entrepreneurs in the larger community. She also turns the livelihood unit into a hub called the Shakti centre, wherein the women assemble to work, incubate new ideas for community welfare, finds solutions to their issues, etc.