for sustainable impact through empowerment

The Problem

On one hand huge efforts to educate and empower girls, more and more women are being held back – suppressed, unable to pursue fulfilling opportunities, and saddled by the burden of trying to juggle home, children and work.
Women from low-income groups, who lack the relevant skills, education and voice to carve out their own identity.
These women are being denied opportunities to work, learn and grow in life – their human potential stifled, along with the potential growth of local communities, enterprises and economies.
25% of India’s workforce is female
3/4Indian women are not working outside the home.

The Solution


Srujna invests in the necessary infrastructure and training to help women produce high-quality products that can sell in the market. They foster leadership, business acumen, financial literacy and soft skills to draw out the enterprising savvy in each and every Woman!

Srujna works with women’s groups that make handmade utility products, including:

  • Textiles
  • Jewellery
  • Food
  • Handcrafts

By upskilling/reskilling women, strengthening infrastructure and injecting business acumen, Srujna revitalises these groups into vibrant livelihood hubs and enterprises in low-income communities.

Over a 3-4 year period, Srujna forms production groups and takes them on a journey from being an ‘informal group,’ to be a fully-fledged ‘professional production unit’ and ‘profitable enterprise.’


Srujna finds new markets for women to sell their products – connecting them to consumers, increasing the demand for handmade goods and bolstering earning capacity in the process.

With the women enterprises producing high-quality products, Srujna then helps these groups find markets to sell their products in – connecting them to buyers, generating bulk orders and identifying new marketing channels. By building strong market linkages and generating platforms to enhance sales, Srujna helps provide a continuous stream of orders and revenue to groups, which ultimately bolsters incomes for women.

We do this by:

  • Raising Awareness of Handmade
  • Products to Large Buyers
  • Participating in Exhibitions
  • Facilitating Large Orders ie
  • Retail / e-commerce
  • Creating a Catalogue to
  • Promote Products

Our Impact

  • 8464 women earning a livelihood
  • 70%of the women are earning a sustainable income to support the education needs of their children
  • 90% of the women are earning a steady income
  • 44 Women’s Groups have expanded their revenues up to 20 times
  • Group turnover is enhanced by an average of 300-500% and even up to 2000%
  • Group size expands by 10 to even 100 times
  • 80%of Srujna Women can travel on their own
  • 60% of women believe that gender-based violence is not acceptable