5 Reasons why Women Empowerment Matters in India

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India has always been a male-dominated nation. However, realizing the importance of women in upgrading the nation has transformed the perspective, and we are shifting towards a significant change. 50% of India’s population comprises women, and most are economically dependent.

Women empowerment in India is based on various factors- geography, class, caste, age and education. Even today, we see how women in India encounter differentiation in most sectors like education, economic opportunities, health and medical assistance and political participation, demonstrating that there are substantial gaps between strategy advancements and real exercise at the community level. We, at Srujna strive to bridge the gap by creating awareness of why women empowerment matters in India.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why you should emphasize women empowerment in India : –

  1. It’s her right :
    As per the principles laid down by the United Nations, women empowerment is subject to human rights. Every female is entitled to get empowered by going to school and college, staying safe from violence, accessing adequate health services, making a living for herself and fully participate in her community.
  1. Best way to make Families Healthy :
    Women are the backbone of the family. She can focus on making her family healthy when she is empowered with education and finance. She can plan better for her family as she is aware of society’s good and bad, the right and wrong. Her empowerment paves the way to not only a healthy family, but a happy family.
  1. Breaking the Poverty Cycle :
    In India, most families belong to the middle or low class. However, if women are empowered, they tend to help their families create a better living standard. Educated women can get higher incomes and financially empowered women can educate their children better; thus, breaking the poverty cycle.
  1. Strengthening Economies :
    India is becoming world’s fastest-growing economy. However, it has a long way to go. Women empowerment can be a significant contributor to strengthening the nation’s economy. As per research, increasing the number of women completing secondary education by just 1 percent could increase a country’s economic growth by 0.3 percent.
  1. Develops the Society Holistically :
    The overall upliftment or development of a society depends on women. Today, women in India are in every field. They are ahead in all spheres and making India proud. They are taking society to the next level.

Srujna has more reasons to work towards women’s empowerment. Our mission and vision statements are based on the ground concept of women empowerment. We help women build a better livelihood by providing various training programs that support their skills and talent.

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