Creating Leaders through Super Didi Program

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Srujna is developing women leaders in small towns and villages by organizing coaching programs. Women in these small towns and villages have immense talent, but nobody to support them or encourage their talent. However, Srujna identifies this gap and thus, have designed a program called ‘Super Didi’. As understood by the name, Super Didi aims to make all the women ‘super’ by developing inner-strengths and breaking mental barriers.

‘Super Didi’ program is a coaching program that focuses on leadership and income generation opportunities. It uses knowledge from sciences like NLP, psychology, coaching, self-improvement, and spirituality and makes it relevant to the lives of Indian women and their unique challenges. It also creates a community of women change-makers, who support and learn from each other.

Super Didi program primarily helps them to : –

  1. Increase Self-Confidence
  2. Create Positive Beliefs
  3. Become Self-Aware
  4. Awaken their Leadership and Create a Vision for their Future
  5. Encourage a Growth Mind-set
  6. Develop Life Skills like Managing Emotions, Managing People, Boundary Drawing and so on

Result of the on-going Super Didi Program : –

  • Creating more local employment opportunities like sewing work, making papads/pickles and so on
  • Spreading awareness locally about the program so that more and more women can earn their livelihood
  • Assisting others in their community with their challenges
  • Becoming role models for the next generation
  • Creating new solutions for social problems with a modern approach

With all this, Srujna is creating leaders.

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