How Financial Literacy can Empower Women in India?

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How Financial Literacy can Empower Women in India?

48% of the population in India is women. Majority of the women in India are involved in running the household, taking care of the family and raising children. They prefer not getting involved in monetary decisions and financial matters of the family. They come from a conditioning that it is the male member’s job in the family to look into the financials. Moreover, our education system doesn’t include money management.

With the changing dynamics in lifestyle, financial literacy is a must, for both men and women. Do you know only 10% of the women population manages their money? These women are mostly found in the urban regions of India. A bigger societal change would come with financial literacy, which can be passed through literacy programs and trainings. Financial literacy will in a way push gender equality in the society, which is the platform for empowerment.

Srujna is conducting ‘Project Laxmi’ that focuses on enhancing women’s knowledge and understanding of monetary savings and investments. Partnering with CSR will enable us to help more women to Project Laxmi.

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