5 Things Donors Expect from Non-Profits

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Though donors have a fully loaded bank account, they also tend to think before donating. The primary thought that comes to their mind is how their donated money shall resolve the purpose of the community. They also think about the genuineness of the cause. We analysed the behaviour of several donors and concluded that every donor expects a few basic things from the NGOs that not only make them satisfied, but also help the organization to make them repeat donors.

1. Transparency : – The donor expects to know how the charity is being spent and how it benefits a cause taken up by the organization. Srujna promotes complete transparency to gain and maintain the confidence of the donor in the cause of women empowerment. Being transparent with the donors is the key to having a successful mission of serving the community with the good. One of the ways to maintain transparency is by acknowledging their charity with proper receipts. They should be open to disclosing financial statements to the donor community. Recently, posting pictures on social media has proved to be a great way to be transparent.

2. Online Presence : – A donor expects that the Non-Profit should have a robust Website and an established presence on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This helps the donor to get insights into how the organization functions on a daily basis. Website and Social Media Platforms have the potential to cater to the expectations of a significant chunk of the donors.

3. Choice : – Nobody likes compulsion, not even donors. They also wish to choose from a variety of causes and a range of donation amounts. A donor tends to have their own set of emotions toward the cause. Choices of the causes give them a scope to at least donate once. And, if the non-profits wish to see them on the regular donor list, they need to report them regularly on the money spent and the goals achieved with the charity.

4. A Balancing Act : – A donor always expects that the non-profit plays a balancing role. They should ask the donor for charity and invite them to volunteer. Donors who connect emotionally with a cause always look forward to acting and not just giving money.

5. Regular Reports : – Regular Reporting and Interaction is the key to winning donors’ hearts. Regular Reports pave the way to transparency and building trust. Donors expect a quarterly report that gives them a fair idea of what the organization has done and achieved with their charity money. Reports can be published on the website, thus, making them accessible. Regular reports are just one form of providing feedback to your donors as you develop a deeper relationship with them that can turn them into repeat donors.

Srujna understands the expectations of the donors. We take our donors through the mission, vision and causes thoroughly. Our donors are our backbone.

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