5 Keys to Develop Rural Women of India

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We all know that women play an essential role in society. Then too, why do they encounter challenges right from the day they are born? Some parts of rural India still consider “girl child” birth as a bane. However, with the changing times, we should together work towards fixing those challenges in the rural regions of India by creating awareness on how women have the potential to support society and give them a better livelihood and overall well-being. We, at Srujna, have noted 5 Keys to Develop Rural Women of India-
1. Achieve Universal Primary Education for Rural Women – Even today, educating girls is perceived less important than educating boys in some deep rural areas of India. Bridging the gender gap in primary school enrolment is one of the keys to developing rural women in India. Educating girls is synonymous with fighting poverty and hunger. They are likely to be healthier, capable of generating higher income and can make decisions for their household and society.
2. Promote Gender Equality: In the rural regions of India, generally, women are employed part-time or seasonal, even though they have greater ability and skills than men. On the other hand, they work longer hours and get paid much less than men. Bridging this gender gap can empower women to make stronger decisions and lead a better lifestyle.
3. Reduce Child Mortality: Children born in the rural regions of India are more likely to die than children in the urban counterparts. However, studies have found that if woman is educated, the child mortality rate reduces. Chances of a child’s survival increases if the mother has taken secondary or higher education. These facts suggest that rural women’s deficits in education have broader and longer-term implications for family well-being and poverty reduction.
4. Improve Maternal Health: Maternity is the most crucial phase of life for any woman, whether in rural or urban settings. Quality reproductive health services and timely interventions are fundamentals for achieving good maternal health, yet hundreds of thousands of women die each year because of a lack of such services. In most developing regions of India, rural women have less access to skilled health personnel in delivery.
5. Encourage Female Employment: In developing areas of India, female employment is still not a priority for their families. Even if they get employment, they are on a contract basis. Moreover, they don’t have job security like the rural men and urban class has. We can encourage female employment in rural set-ups by accommodating flexible working hours as they are responsible for household chores.

Srujna work towards developing women of Rural India. Our mission and vision statements are based on the ground concept of women development. We help women build a better livelihood by providing various training programs that support their skills and talent.

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