5 Ways to Create a Gender Equal World

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You are no Leader. You are no Saint. You are just an average Human Being, meeting your minimum needs. However, don’t forget that you have the power to change the world. Changing the world for better. You can create a Gender Equal World that makes Mother Earth a better place to live, a better place to smile…
Know how your 5 mere actions can create a Gender Equal World : –

1. Vote for Women: Till 2020, there were only a handful of countries around the globe where women held the highest position of executive power. You can help increase the number of women in power by voting for female candidates whose views you support.

2. Divide Household Chores: Domestic work is a full-time chore, yet there is no pay and leads to no productivity to enhance your self-growth. Individual growth is dependent on doing something productive and efficient, being independent and creating your own identity. If the household chore gets divided, the women can focus on herself; her growth. This will not only help in creating respect for the partner, but also aid in setting a good example for the future generation.

3. Share Responsibility of the Kid: In today’s competitive world, raising a child is not an individual task. The Father of the child needs to equally get involved and participate in sharing responsibility of the kid. The Gender Equal World believes that child is not a duty of one, it is a shared duty, which has to be fulfilled by both the members.

4. Create Awareness on Gender Equality: You can deconstruct gender equality by creating awareness about how important is gender equality for the world to progress. Awareness can be created by just talking about it casually or when you see gender stereotypes happening, you can raise your voice and break the myths.

5. Support Equal Pay for Equal Work: The concept of Equal Pay for Equal Work stands true in today’s world, where women are equally smarter, educated and are working equally hard. Even the men are expected to support equal pay for equal work.

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