How to Attract Donors to Donate Money?

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Women in the rural India are still dependent on the male of their houses for survival. Even if they wish to work, but they lack the confidence of going out. From the past 11 years, Srujna is building their confidence by shaping their skills and getting them to work to earn for a better standard of living. Shaping their skills and training does incur some cost and hence, donation is required.A NGO works on donation. However, finding donors is a challenging job. The volunteers really need to observe, analyse and capture the attention and hearts of the donors. Now, the question is how to make this possible  –

1. Make Your Story Relatable :
To attract donors, you need to implement good storytelling to capture and convince people’s hearts and minds. No matter your mission statement, a well-crafted story with a well-identified problem area can help people relate to your work, core values and the people you serve. If your audience is convinced with your story, you are ought to get financial support for your good work.

To craft a good, purposeful story, identify :

  • Your mission statement
  • How your mission shall impact communities?
  • What all support you need to accomplish your mission?

Srujna has identified a real problem in the communities in the rural regions of India and hence, have crafted a story, which is relatable and convincible to the donors.

2. Prioritize Design of Collaterals :
To attract donors and keep their attention, beautiful, intuitive design is a must. As people are continuously inundated with content, it only takes a few moments for them to glance through your website, emails and social media communications to decide whether it’s worth their time. Visual experiences attract supporters.
Srujna has hired a professional agency that takes care of the marketing collaterals and social media communication. Moreover, Srujna does creative for each camping as per its themes. For example, Srujna designs for women’s day campaigns, environment day etc. and participates in festival-related corporate activities and designs collateral for the same.

3.Get Creative with your Fundraising Events and Campaigns :
A wild, unconventional fundraising campaign idea can do wonders to generate buzz and attract donors. No matter your mission statement, you can spice things up by thinking outside the box for your next campaign or event.
If possible, hire an event company to brainstorm a never-seen-before event for you. Organizing an event can itself bring your NGO money that supports the cause.
Srujna organizing a very unique crowd-funding event, wherein engagement activities and exhibitions are conducted.
Moreover, The Joy of Giving is done every year.

4. Simplify the Donation Process :
No donor likes a complicated process for donating money. Help them with offering various payment methods. Most importantly, do not ask too many questions, while filling the form. The chances of donor withdrawing is more. Name, email id and contact number is enough to record the details of a donor. Remember less is more.

You can be a part of Srujna’s family by contributing a minimum sum of Rs. 500 every month. In this way, you are assuring yourself a good deed in a month.

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