What is HEAL?

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HEAL is a program, especially designed to help women who are less privileged to make them more confident and independent individuals of the society. Each character of HEAL stands for an element, which is strongly supported by Srujna. H connotes Healthcare, E connotes Education, A connotes Awareness and L connotes Livelihood.

The HEAL Program enables women in the small towns and rural regions of India to explore their potential and create a living by upskilling them.

  • H for Healthcare :
    Srujna provides women access to complete health-related services and facilities, from a simple eye check-up to a full body check-up. Moreover, we support women’s health by creating menstrual hygiene awareness in the rural areas of India. To enhance our awareness campaign, we distribute free sanitary pads to women so that menstrual hygiene is ensured.
  • E for Education :
    We cover many aspects of lives, when it comes to educating the women who are not so educated. Following are the courses –
      • English Speaking
      • Digital Literacy
      • Financial Literacy
      • Leadership Training
      • Sales Training
      • Office Assistant Training
      • Tally Accounting
      • Product Development
  • A for Awareness
  • Through awareness programs like Self-defence and How to Fight Against Domestic Violence, Srujna aims to help women be informed about the various areas of life surrounding them.

  • L for Livelihood :
    Srujna supports women to enhance their skills that they have acquired and get jobs to help them earn an income independently. The programs covered to make their livelihood are:
      • Skill Training
      • Market/Exhibition Connects
      • Food Processing Training
      • Sanitary Pads
      • Handicrafts making skills
      • Food Delivery Training

Let’s hear it from Jyotika Bhatiya, CEO and Co-founder of Srujna- HEAL is a life-changing movement that goes beyond just providing livelihood. It helps to make people healthier, more prosperous, more aware and more confident.

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