Story of Deepika Khillare 

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This is a story of Mrs. Deepika Khillare who resides in the rural regions of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She was a Happy Housewife, taking care of two children. Her husband was a labor on daily wages. However, during the lockdown, she encountered a difficult situation financially. This is the time when Srujna held hands of confused and worried Deepika. She is the one working on our Papad project.

Earlier, she was not able to go to work because of societal restrictions. Srujna identified this problem because they knew 10 more such ladies, who were willing to work or needed to work, but couldn’t due to the boundaries laid down by society for women. Hence, Srujna arranged for work from home facility. The organization trained the ladies for make papads for nearly 2 months.

Today, the group has more than 35 ladies who make papads and earn a living.

The group is initially supported with raw materials and machinery where all the women come together to make papads more efficiently, which helps them to come out more empowered. Later on, they become so confident that they independently make papads.

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